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14. - 22. April 2018


Fumetto has a long tradition. In 2017 it will take place for the 26th time. Over the years the
festival has developed into the top location for artistically ambitious comics in Europe. Unlike
the usual comic-events Fumetto has devoted itself explicitly to the art. Every year it runs a finely
tuned international program of exhibitions with comics at its centre.

Being solely an arts and culture event without commercial background, Fumetto makes
high demands on art. The quality of the exhibitions is of museum standard, as is the educational
program. The festival shows the most influential and innovative graphic artists of recent years as
well as future trends. It is looking towards the future and takes an active part in promoting young


Fumetto is unique in its consistent focus on various forms of art (comic, installation,
theatre, painting, performance, installation, graphic arts, streetart, animation) and its avant-garde
approach. The infectious creative atmosphere attracts up to 50.000 visitors each year and makes
Fumetto an essential venue for art lovers. Fumetto is the platform for influential and innovative
comic art. For most artists and experts from around the world it's indispensable.


- One of the most important festivals in Europe:
  • 10 main exhibitions
  • 40 satellite exhibitions
- Focus on exhibitions and artists (no trade fair)
- 50.000 visitors
- Tradition of 26 years
- Festival duration: 9 days
- Decentralised organisation (see map p. 3)
- Educational program:
  • Artists talks
  • Lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition leaflets
  • Exhibition podcasts
  • Guided tours
  • Drawing classes for young people and children
- Supporting program:
  • Theatre
  • Performance
  • Book signings
  • Music
  • Animated movies