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14. - 22. April 2018

Competition (Int.)

The competition is as old as Fumetto itself and has greatly contributed to the further development of the Festival.

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Today the competition is one of the largest and most important of its kind in Europe. Up to 1000 participants in three age categories (from ages 6 and up) send in their work annually. It has become a veritable springboard for young artists, offering them the opportunity to present their work to an international public. We are particularly interested in encouraging young people to express themselves creatively and to believe that through comics - the combination of pictures and text - their abilities to conceptualize are strengthened.

All work submitted to the competition will be shown in one of the primary and most visited exhibitions of the Fumetto Festival, open to visitors via an individual single-entrance ticket. Visitors to the exhibit are also encouraged to vote for their favourite work for the People's Choice Award.

There are three categories and no age-limit for participants in the comic competition.
In addition to Award for Best Scenario there is a Peoples' Choice Award.

  • Category 1: ages 18 and up
  • Category 2: ages 13-17
  • Category 3: 12 and under
  • Best Scenario award
  • Peoples' Choice award

Competition jury award
The Competition Jury comprises artists, comic specialists (college instructors and publishers), journalists, and prominent art personalities. Past jurors include Röbi Koller, Beat Schlatter, Nicolas Mahler, Emil Steinberger and Samir.