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14. - 22. April 2018

Drawing a Visual Narrative in Virtual Reality (VR)


In collaboration with Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Bachelor of Arts, Illustration fiction / nonfiction

Storytelling in the age of virtual realities – The renowned VR-artist Sutu (AUS) conveys the newest VR-technologies to illustrators, comic and animation artists and supports them in developing their own scenarios. Good ideas are required on the road from storyboard to realization of digital scenarios with Tilt Brush.
Number of participants: 12, prerequisite is solid command of Photoshop, experience in digital drawing is useful, knowledge in Cinema 4D or Unity increase possibilities, but are not required.

Rössligasse 12, Süsswinkel
Mon. April 3 – Fri. April 7

vr sutu


With Livio Lunin

In collaboration with Zürcher Hochschule der Künste – Game Design

Workshop for all those who want to merge games and comics, with a cross-media approach and who want to narrate interactively. After a brief input on theory, experimental games will be developed in mixed groups over the course of two weekends. This workshop is a sequel to the Fumetto series Motion Comics. Target audience: interested design students, game designers, illustrators and sound engineers (programming skills are not required).

Rössligasse 12, Süsswinkel
Sat. April 1 & 8
Sun. April 2 & 9 

Public presentation:

Sun. April 9, 5.30 pm

  • Language: German
  • Tutor: Livio Lunin
    Registration and information via: registration form

 Comic – Virtual Reality (VR)

Tilt Brush station with Manu Weiss and Sutu

Are you a comic illustrator or designer and want to take your first steps in virtual reality? Then book an individual session. After an introduction by the Australian comic artist and VR-pioneer Sutu, VR-expert Manu Weiss will show you how to work on apps with Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Kingsspray on HTC Vive and Quill & Medium on Oculus Rift and, if required, will weave a project paket for you (work data, VR viewer for smartphone).
Prerequisite is participation at one lecture by SUTU Sat. April 1, 11 am / Sun. April 2 / 9, 11 am

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Viscosistadt Bau, 745
Sat. April 1, 11 am – 7 pm
Sun. April 2 & 9, 11 am –7 pm

  • Language: English / German
  • Tutors: Manu Weiss, Sutu
    Registration and information via registration form


With Ilan Manouach


New images are created with closed eyes – in this workshop the Greek artist Ilan Manouach invites you to experiment with the forms of Shapereader. A new language opens new possibilities and unique stories. The Shapereader-workshop awakens the imagination and sensitizes the tactile senses as well as our way of communicating. The workshop addresses both the sighted and visually impaired.

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Viscosistadt Bau 745
Sat. April 1, 11 am – 3 pm

  • Language: German / English
  • Tutor: Ilan Manouach
  • Registration and information via: registration form


With Sharad Sharma Draw

Draw without prior knowledge: Grassroot Comic shows how anyone can draw their own experience into a comic. For this, Fumetto has invited the illustrator Sharad Sharma from the distant Delhi. He is the founder of the World Comic Networks and the Grassroot Comics. His concept to teach comic drawing, as a tool for communication for marginalized groups, was originally developed in India, and is today being used in many parts of the world for various target groups (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Finland, Laos, USA, Brasil, Japan, South Africa, UK et al). During the workshop Sharma will convey to the participants how they can realize a one page story on a topic of their choice.

sharing visual script

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Viscosistadt Bau, 745
Sat. April 1, 1 – 5 pm
Sun. April 2, 1 – 5 pm
Sat. April 8, 1 – 5 pm
Sun. April 9, 1 – 5 pm

  • Language: English
  • Tutor: Sharad Sharma
  • Registration and information via:
    registration form